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Last Friday, I and some other food/fitness bloggers from Colorado got a sneak peak of the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness at the University of Colorado Ancshutz Medical Campus.  This is a state of the art facility that has an amazing innovative combination of health research and services to the community like a beautiful fitness center, metabolic kitchen, demonstration kitchen. grocery lab and bistro.  The Center is slated to open April 16th to the public.

Bistro Elaia

Bistro Elaia is the cafe on site that provides tasty, delicious, healthy food.  Chef Paolo works with the staff dietitians to create healthy meals and give nutritional breakdown of the food.  Bistro Elaia uses as much organic, local ingredients as possible.  There is even an herb wall in the main entrance that Chef Paolo uses.  Calorie information is posted on the menu and will be available online.  You will also be able to enter in the food you want and it will give you the nutritional break down.

Bistro Elaia offers catering, dining in and delivery options.  As with the whole campus, Bistro Elaia wants to serve the public in any way possible.  The food is healthy, but more importantly, delicious.  During our tour, we got served grilled flat bread with hummus, goat cheese and cilantro, tuscan beef salad and grilled chicken skewers.  I only tried the flatbread, and it was delicious.  There are breakfast, smoothies and lunch options available when the center is open.  I definitely will want to check out more of their menu!

Herb wall for Bistro Elaia

The demonstration kitchen will be used for free cooking demos, metabolic kitchen is used to make food for research participants and the grocery lab is a mock grocery store used for studying shopping behaviors and for educating on grocery shopping.  I would also recommend the reasonably priced, brand new, incredibly nice fitness center.  Their team also offers a comprehensive wellness exam for a very reasonable price.  Check their website for more information.  Look for more great things to come from the Colorado Center for Health and Wellness.  I am so glad I live close to the center, and in a state that is committed to leading the way for a healthier country.


  1. 4-13-2012

    Thanks for joining the blogger tour, Holly! We are looking forward to having bloggers and others engaged in the online communication of health and wellness come to the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference in June.

  2. 4-13-2012

    Thanks for sharing this, Holly! I missed out on joining the tour, but boy am I excited for the Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference this June!

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